Support Your Local Library with StateStats

The creators of StateStats have developed a free infographic for libraries. By gathering library statistics from multiple sources, this tool demonstrates the vital role libraries play in their communities.

This web guide clearly explains why libraries should be supported in today’s economic climate, particularly with regard to unemployment rates and cost effective borrowing versus the purchasing of materials. The infographic also brings libraries to the forefront of technological advances by providing statistics on the lending of e-books and e-readers in libraries. The guide also mentions the effects of funding cuts and provides examples for how individuals in the community can help their libraries thrive.

This useful advocacy tool can be viewed at, and can be added to your website by copying the code at the bottom of the page.

StateStats is an organization that develops technology and information tools, such as online guides and web tools like this one on libraries. They are a fairly new company inspired by tools that allow education to be accessible online, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. For more information, visit:


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