NY 3Rs Association I2NY Summit

The NY 3Rs Association, Inc.  sponsored a two day summit on September 24-25 in Saratoga Springs – Envisioning an Information Infrastructure for New York, or I2NY. Ninety-one representatives from academic and public research libraries, library systems, the New York State Library and various library groups participated in open discussions on the need to develop an operational infrastructure across the state that encourages enhanced resource sharing, broader collaborations, and growth of regional projects to statewide scale.

Topics discussed included how libraries and archives can play a greater role in creating an information infrastructure in New York, as well as strategies to increase collaboration and participation in statewide information initiatives. Out of 120 action recommendations that attendees developed, priority was given to nine, including:

  • Develop a framework for statewide negotiations, inclusive of goals, stakeholder involvement and boundaries for terms (common principles)
  • Leaders continue conversation about achieving common goals/objectives. Stakeholders include NY 3Rs Association and its members, NY State Library, SLSA, NYSHEI, NYLA, CUNY, SUNY, IDS, PULISO, NYALS, and ConnectNY.
  • Develop a transactional model by which libraries can trade, barter, or sell services and staff time to each other.
  • NY 3Rs Association, Inc. take a leadership role in convening library, cultural heritage, economic positions to develop an action plan that will lead to robust library/information delivery systems.

These recommendations will be refined as the result of the analysis of a statewide survey of information infrastructure needs and priorities, and will be made available to the library community in a Final Report planned for early 2013 release.

For more information on how the I2NY Summit will help create a “2020 Vision” for the future, visit: http://www.ny3rs.org/?page_id=413


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