Celebrate National Digital Learning Day!

Today is the second annual National Digital Learning Day! This event celebrates innovative teaching practices that encourage exploration of digital learning, emphasizing how it can provide students with crucial skill sets and increased opportunities. Digital Learning Day recognizes all educators and the successful use of technology in the classroom. Educators are encouraged to participate and personalize the day to inspire students, parents, principles, teachers and other educators to embrace digital learning.

School librarians are a key contributor to digital learning, particularly when it comes to the digital divide faced by many at-risk students. The New York Comprehensive Center outlined the benefits of school librarians in terms of digital literacy in their document, Informational Brief: Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement (http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/nyla/nycc_school_library_brief.pdf). NYCC states, “school libraries are important in supporting the development of 21st century skills, including those that require technological literacy.” The National Digital Learning Day can help recognize the role school libraries play in the development of these skills, and I hope many New Yorkers will participate.

National Digital Learning Day is presented by the Alliance for Excellent Education and other national educational organizations. The American Library Association’s American Association of School Librarians, as well as teachers and other educators are key partners is promoting the event.

For more information on National Digital Learning Day, including toolkits, advocacy tools and current news, visit: http://www.digitallearningday.org/


Bernard A. Margolis

Assistant Commissioner for Libraries and State Librarian


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