State Librarian Endorses “Empire State Information Fluency Continuum”

Bernard A. Margolis, the State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries, has officially endorsed the “Empire State Information Fluency Continuum.”

The “Empire State Information Fluency Continuum,” developed by the New York City School Library System, is aligned to the New York State Board of Regents Common Core Learning Standards. It provides a K-12 framework for library programs in an effort to provide students with the skills necessary to become independent readers and learners, and is a crucial tool for improving information literacy.

Margolis stated that the Continuum, ”has already become the standard which defines information literacy and helps to define the inquiry skills essential for student success,” and commented that he is, “pleased with the enormous effort demonstrated by the work of school librarians on the Information Fluency Continuum and honored to join those endorsing this essential effort.”

Margolis joins the New York Library Association, the School Library Systems Association of New York State, Inc. and many individual school library systems in his endorsement of the Information Fluency Continuum. He recommends that the Benchmark Skills for Grades K – 12 Assessments/Common Core Alignment receive the widest distribution. To view this document, visit:

The Continuum is also now available through the State Education Department’s EngageNY website at, where you can click on the link for NYS School Library Systems Association, EngageNY can now also be accessed through the NOVELNY website,, and NOVELNY is accessible from EngageNY. In addition, the Continuum has also been posted to the State Library website at

To read more about the State Librarian’s official endorsement of the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum, visit: For more information, contact the Office of the State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries by email at



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