I2NY Report Released by NY 3Rs

The New York 3Rs Association has released the I2NY: Envisioning an Information Infrastructure for New York final report. I2NY (New York Information Infrastructure) and its Final Report focuses on how New York libraries can work together to acquire resources and provide better service to library patrons.

The final report identifies the following initiatives as “highest importance”:

• Immediate access to paid electronic journals, e-books, and other materials at the level of best value, and the development of a framework for a united and collaborative statewide group to pursue negotiations with vendors to achieve these access and value goals.

• Development of methods for greater collaboration among libraries of all types, including transactional exchange models, incentives to grow successful local or regional projects statewide, and greater support for the sharing of information about innovative projects and ideas.

• Innovative development and deployment of staff to deal with the new technologies and the changing expectations of users.

• Connecting library services to patron and student outcomes at every level of school and academic libraries, and in public libraries for lifelong learners and researchers.

• Improved communications across all library types through a number of avenues, including continuing the work begun at the I2NY Summit, development of working groups to facilitate particular projects.

This report serves as an excellent starting point to address concerns about the libraries of New York State and to improve collaboration and communication among the libraries. Work groups are being developed to continue work on the initiatives identified by the report.

For more information or to read the full report, visit http://www.ny3rs.org/i2ny-2/



Bernard A. Margolis
Assistant Commissioner for Libraries and State Librarian


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