Creating the Future: A 2020 Vision Update at 2013 New York Library Association Conference

More than 100 people attended the update on Creating the Future implementation during the 2013 NYLA Annual Conference in Niagara Falls. Attendees heard from John Hammond, Regents Advisory Council on Libraries (RAC) Chairperson and Jeffrey W. Cannell, Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education. John Hammond summarized the outcomes of the June 2013 RAC report to the Board of Regents Cultural Education Committee.

In addition RAC members, John Monahan, Mary Muller, and Bridget Quinn-Carey, who chair Creating the Future Implementation Working Groups, reported on progress to date. Sheryl Knab, Director, Western New York Library Resources Council updated attendees on the implementation status of the I2NY report recommendations, which are closely aligned with Creating the Future. Topics included school libraries, public library districts, services to youth and young adults, and academic libraries. Deputy Commissioner Cannell wrapped up the event by discussing immediate next steps in making the recommendations in Creating the Future a reality.

The handouts from the program, which include the RAC report to the Board of Regents Cultural Education Committee as well as proposals for youth services may be found at

Thank you to the RAC members, members of the Implementation Working Groups and others in the library community who are working so hard on implementing the 60 recommendations in Creating the Future.

Bernie Bernard A. Margolis


Report of the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries

On June 18, the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries will present their annual report to the Board of Regents.  This year the focus of the report is the Creating the Future Plan and the actions that have been taken and are recommended about it.

            The Regents Advisory Council on Libraries will be discussing recommendations 10, 11, 23, and 57 from Creating the Future: a 2020 Vision Plan for Library Service in New York State: Recommendations of the New York State Regents Advisory Council on Libraries.  Recommendation 10 deals with creating an information fluency curriculum framework.  Recommendation 11 sets staffing standards for elementary schools.  Public library districts are the focus of recommendation 23, and recommendation 57 deals with the cost of e-resources.

Become a Youth Services Champion for “Creating the Future”

Implementation of the 60 recommendations in Creating the Future is well underway. The following email from Regents Advisory Council on Libraries member, Mary Muller, and Upper Hudson Library System Youth Services Consultant, Mary Fellows, was recently sent to Youth Services librarians in an effort to move forward with the implementation of the plan’s youth services recommendation. Please consider contacting them to become a library champion!


Bernard A. Margolis

Assistant Commissioner for Libraries and State Librarian


Dear Youth Services Colleague,

The 2020 Vision Plan for Library Service in New York State recognized the important role and opportunities public libraries and systems have in serving youth. Now it’s time to build on this recognition to make a better future for kids, tweens and teens through libraries an active, funded priority for NYS.

As background, Recommendation 27 of the 2020 Vision Plan states: “The provision of robust early childhood education programs and the provision of homework assistance as a core service; the alignment of outreach services with societal priorities, such as teen services and gang prevention.” This was identified as one of the highest priority recommendations from the 2012 NYLA Annual Conference working group. 

We know that children’s and teen librarians in New YorkState’s public libraries are collaborating with school librarians. You are developing programs that innovate, expand opportunities, or more effectively deliver service.  Your programs need to be recognized and shared within the library community! Grant money to support model programs is a possibility.

As a first step towards implementing the youth services recommendation in the Vision 2020 plan, we need a few champions step forward. These champions will help foster conversation and expanded collaboration between public and school librarians. While the exact role is still being defined, champions will help ensure that NYS supports its value of strong library services to youth with initiatives and resources that support even greater collaboration and innovation. Won’t you join us as a champion?

If you’re interested in helping us, please contact Mary Muller, Regents Advisory Council on Libraries member (, or Mary Fellows, Manager of Youth and Family Services, Upper Hudson Library System (  Thank you!

Mary Muller & Mary Fellows

State Librarian Update Number 11 Released

The latest State Librarian Update, Number 11 is now available at In this update, I discuss everything from State Budget news, the “EveryoneON” national ad campaign, E-rate news, public library charters and the best library schools!

You’ll also find out how your library or system can submit an application for the $1,000 Joseph F. Shubert Library Excellence Award. Apply by June 14!




Bernard A. Margolis

Assistant Commissioner for Libraries and State Librarian

Creating the Future NYLA Program Results

Creating the Future NYLA Program Results

The Regents Advisory Council on Libraries led a successful program at the 2012 NYLA Conference, Creating the Future: Implementing the 2020 Vision and Plan. Under the Council’s leadership, members of the library community were able to come together and discuss implementation of New York’s plan for library services.

Members of the Council led group discussions that helped determine priority recommendations for each type of library. The list of priority recommendations can be found at:

Thank you to the many individuals and library leaders who participated in this program, especially those who volunteered to join taskforces to support implementation of priority recommendations. Congratulations to the Council on the many beneficial results of their program, and I would like to thank them for all of their hard work in ensuring the plan’s continued success.



Bernard A. Margolis

Assistant Commissioner for Libraries and State Librarian

State Librarian Update Number 10 Released

Check out my latest State Librarian Update, Number 10 from November 1 at where I discuss current library issues and changes!

Included is a section on Creating the Future, where I state, “We need champions and cheerleaders for the recommendations as we proceed to strategize to reach our successful goals. I applaud the libraries that have already begun to build local planning initiatives around the themes and goals of the Vision 2020 plan.”

Thanks for reading!


Bernard A. Margolis

Assistant Commissioner for Libraries and State Librarian